Adam Borek's Blue Ice Adventure

There are many reasons Vancouver is one of the most attractive places to live in the world. People come from all over to live in this gorgeous city, and for many it is because of the unparalleled landscape to do some of your favorite activities. Nearly a year and a half ago, Adam Borek made a road trip across Canada, from his small hometown of Guelph, Ontario all the way to Vancouver. He described it to me as one of the best decisions he's ever made, and he has since never looked back. Being an avid rock climbing enthusiast, the west coast of Canada is a natural fit for Adam seeing that we have some incredible places to climb.

"I climbed on a small scale as a kid, but got serious about three years ago. I literally became addicted and had to be doing it all the time. I've always wanted to move out to Vancouver, so it felt great to finally make it here."

Right in Vancouver's backyard, Squamish bolsters the second biggest granite monolith in the world - The Stawamus Chief. Adam is a regular to Squamish's Chief, and to most of the gyms in the Greater Vancouver Area.

Since moving to Vancouver, Adam has already been on the climbing trip of his life when he travelled to Greece earlier last year. Last May, Adam toured most of Greece to climb some places he has been eyeing for a while. He climbed in Kalymnos and Santorini in which there are over 2000 rock climbing routes.

"The highlight of my trip was doing a 5.11+ route. I was in the middle of the climb, and towards the end I was incredibly tired and holding onto one of the final rocks with both arms. The rock was cutting my arm, so a lot of me wanted to give in. At the same time, there wasn't any way I wasn't finishing it, so I made a jump for the final rock and completed it. It's probably the best feeling I've ever had rock climbing."

Adam already has his next trip planned out for early this year and he is in the process up mapping out a climb that would oust his last best. Adam plans to take some time off and travel to Southeast Asia this February. I asked him if he has a goal for the trip.

"My goal is to do a 5.12- climb in Thailand. I've been training for a while now, and its definitely what I'm shooting for on the trip."

When Adam isn't rock climbing, he's spending time on the other side of the wall as a national distributor for rock climbing gear. Six months ago, Adam and his business partner opened up Blue Ice Adventure Equipment, a Canadian rock climbing equipment wholesaler. Adam has worked tirelessly to partner with climbing gyms across Canada to carry their gear, as well as sponsor the gyms with equipment for different contests and prizes. Blue Ice Adventure opened its first retail location in North Vancouver earlier this year, and plans on expanding to the south region of Vancouver sometime next year. As they have been successful in climbing gyms to start, Adam looks to grow into university gyms and to retail locations as well. One of the coolest parts of Adam's favorite hobby and job is that he gets to spend the majority of his time being around what he loves doing both - rock climbing.

When Adam straps up for a climb, he uses the Madrock M5 shoes primarily because of their all around functionality.

"These shoes are awesome because you can use them for bouldering, route climbing and lead climbing. So you can do different climbs and you don't need to switch shoes. I also really like how comfortable they are, especially when I do heel hooks.

Adam also wears a Madrock harness called Mars that uses auto-locking buckles. "The harness is so light you can't even notice you're wearing it, making it super comfortable."

Looking ahead after Thailand, Adam plans to go to Tofino this coming summer for 4 months. Adam loves travelling and wants to see as much as he can at every opportunity he gets. He has a lot of climbing he wants to get done on the island, so he is beyond excited.

You can check out Adam in action on Dooers to read more of his advice for rock climbing gear and what works for him.

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